Cash enough to take care of your family and provide for your hearts cherished non-profit organization is at the core of most heart centered entrepreneurs desires.


...and your desire is to donate year book pictures to your favorite high school

You need cash to pay for your time, material and donations

"helping you get it is our love affair with service"

Project Development
Walking with you to develop winning presentations that potential sponsors need to see. We provide you with step by step guidance to completion.
Media Promotion
Public relations is the process to getting the support you need. It's not as intimidating as you may think. Plus it's free! With our support, you can do it.
Supporting Music
Music powerfully compels people to action. Your brands DNA is your Speak Notes©®. With your Speak Notes, we create your support projecting music for you.


You’ve put the time in alone, but feel the increase from your hard work just doesn’t match your invested sacrifice of time, resources and money. Your dream is to position yourself to have more, so you can do more and help more people. You can. Research shows that success magnifies when you target the right support with a team prepared to handle tasks that lead to success. Research also shows sponsors will fund your business, magazine, book, event, non-profit and project. Ask yourself, “How can I do more?” For no upfront cost, Songs That Give provides you with project management service so you don’t have to do it alone. You walk away with publicity, distribution, developed product or service, media training and cash to continue creating profitable projects. Is that right for you? Click here to tell us what you want.

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