Download your copy of Intercourse with Sound, and get your invitation to join The Success Calculator. See you there!

Play the video and by the end, you will have access to two tools that can change your life forever. Hi, my name is Antonius Dollarious, Tony Dee for short. I’m the founder of Rhyze Music and Performance Daye, where every day is your day to perform!

Before you get your two tools, imagine you had to relearn simple things you knew before, like walk:

Imagine you were in a terrible car accident that broke everything on your left side. You were dragged down the street hanging out of the car upside down.

A brick wall stopped your car keeping your face from being totally scraped off.

As you lay unconscious in the hospital, the doctors told your mom you would never walk again, you would never be able to learn again, that, you would live your life in a wheelchair, as a vegetable.

A miraculous thing happened two weeks

later, you woke up. You get out of the hospital what seemed like six months later, you laid on the floor in front of your grandmothers encyclopedia set, day after day, reading the science of the nutrients and exercises your body needed to rebuild itself.

After that self training in study, you did those things. You worked and you worked and you made it!

You learned how to walk again! You earned a 4.0 grade point average in college. You got a job at Peace Education teaching conflict resolution songwriting. You gave students the music to help them internalize conflict resolution.

All while you were doing this, your brother was shot and killed by a 14-year-old as his application for entry into a gang. What would that make you feel? Well, that was me and it made me feel the commitment to do things that are good for, needed by, and in the best

interest of my listeners. So I looked back at my life, my challenges, my healings to learn what it took to learn to walk again, what did it take to earn a scholarship to college. I noticed a pattern. I had developed a way to calculate success. Part of my college studies were, “The Psychology of music.” I’ll share why that’s important later.

That awareness of calculating success brought out a determination in me not just to teach it, but to release music with some of it’s elements to lift hearts and minds to areas of higher consciousness, higher motivation, higher love! I set out to find the teenager that killed my brother. I wanted to share Peace Education with him. Before I could connect with him, he’d hung himself in jail. I was too late.

The emotions from that shifted me from a determination to teach calculating success, to a burning desiree to share compassion, the lessons of personal development I had learned along with

conflict resolution, the power of caring. It may have been too late for that teen, but I knew people like you’d want to know what he didn’t have the opportunity to learn. I believe this is why I didn’t die in my car accident. Now I’m committed to your well being.

Call it a movement to help you grow in ways you haven’t thought of before now. Join me and I’ll teach you to calculate success just as I learned it. To get started take step one at the end of this video and grab your copy of Intercourse with Sound. This free E-book shares how sound vibration affects sex, blood pressure, chest pressure and more. You’ll become aware of how to channel sound so that it has positive effects on you. Step two, grab your seat in The Success Calculator. There I’ll show you methods of calculating success that I used so you can apply them to yourself. When you download your copy of Intercourse with Sound, you’ll get your invitation to join The Success Calculator. See you there!

Download your copy of Intercourse with Sound

Understanding your vibrations, from intimacy to distancing
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Emerging with the Caring Action Management era, Songs That Give partners with artists and individuals to spread the message of compassion, to strengthen partners and for presenting social causes with a financial and supporting cure. We welcome artists who stand for the well being of humanity to join us in spreading the uplifting sound of personal development, love and the over-all well being of our environment. Join us in producing songs that provide words of encouragement, knowledge and instructions for improvement. You'll enjoy sharing your story in interview wrapped in Performance Daye story of love, overcoming war and compassion. We recognize that with awareness comes change, therefore we provide not only transformative thinking, Tony will collaborate with you and your participants on line through the process of taking the pressure off, so you can enjoy the pleasure of doing you! Contact us with your questions. Enjoy!!