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If you have determined that you are ready to reach your goal, then the Success Calculator is for you.

After years of experience and observation, I’ve discovered the process of calculating success:

Translation: Project=Vision + Network=Your Work + Goods=Results = Success!

“You can reach any goal you put your mind to.” Peggy J. Bolton, Teacher 1937-2015

Refining, digging in, to the deepest details within these factors will determine your visions’ reachable factor. Your work is the center of any successful project, how you view it, how you get the help you need and how you stick to it and execute, nurturing your projects to success will define who you become from who you are. Those who press the diligence button will make an emotional connection with how you talk about your project. Your passion will move people to join and help you reach your goals, build the project itself, or both, either way, it’s you who’ve made them feel they need to support you. If you are then ready to reach success in your goal, press the buy now button to set your determination to action.

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