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Each new day brings a set of problems that we could not have imagined the day before. Rather than enjoying every moment, our days can be filled with garbage pale fire extinguishing events that end up leaving the important aspects out. If you have dreams with goals attached to them, a year may pass, looking back in your mind, you'll say to yourself, "I had planned to do that then, but I never got to it! Where did the time go?"

During a project assignment from the queen, in the pursuit of complete happiness, she said, "Two thirds of our lives are spent sitting upright or standing. It's important to create a life plan with a picture of where you want to land, your destiny. The basis of your life plan should revolve around three questions I'll ask now,  1. How do I want to be remembered?, 2. What is important to you?, and 3. How do I get from where I am to my destiny?

Once you answer these questions you'll know how you are, what you're becoming and the actions you need to take that will lead to the outcomes you desire. Every aspect of your life should be addressed. Here's my about answers for you. The theme for my life is in the words of the video.

From the lyric sheet to word on the streets,

Helping you help your people, announce your service and give to your cause is Songs That Give mission.

How we aid your experience economy by you to where you want to be is our commitment.

How do I want to be remembered?

I hope to be remembered for lessons of love, compassionate education, support and wisdom my mother shared through my teachings to you. Mom passed away September 15, 2015, leaving us a legacy of love. She sang in church, with Lionel Hampton, and Rufus Thomas in Sun Studio's of Memphis, Tennessee, presided over 100 organizations in her city as president of the Woman's Missionary Society.

Mom compassionately taught, Never demand that people only see the situation from your perspective. Seek to understand theirs.

I want to be remembered for giving music a new purpose, creating a genre of hope, love and compassion.

What is important to me?

It's important to me to understand what's important to you and help set you on a course of mastery. There is a vibration in you that creates a sound that's unique to you. It identifies you, your voice and it's how people know your brand in your business. When you release that sound to the public, it will attract your followers.

But wait, there's not one, there are two;
1. Your intention voice,
2. Your spoken voice.

Your intention voice is your inner skill and talent that many are not aware of that may be blocked by unessential right now desire. Your spoken voice subconsciously hypnotizes people that are attracted to you.

How to get from here to destiny

One magnanimous aid is to model goodness and help others as you grow. A truth is, once you have your goals written, no one get's there without help. Understanding how to activate your power takes time and accountability.

My experience with Sony Music’s then gospel labels, Tyscot and Verity, regional fame in the educational industry, creating songwriting classes for Peace Ed and The National Coalition Building Institute, a few radio hits performing with my band and promoting compassionate change have all contributed to creating this public relations opportunity for you.

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